Dumb, or Maybe Just Happy?

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Saturday, January 05, 2002 :::
oh my god, sam so totally kicks ass at percussion. better than some of the already percussionists. *ahem* not mentioning any names....

::: Nikki had nothing better to do at 6:45 PM

look its me again....hehe, okay i'm gone

::: sam had nothing better to do at 2:32 PM

okay here i am "back in the saddle again"ac/dc
oh yes i am a penis and every one knows that now....i stole seth's penis so that i could become more penis-like and now he can't have kids, hehe, sorry seth.... i'm sure he'll just borrow his sister's penis though
and i am a little child so there...oh jeez my wrists hurt, oh well
guess what guess what guess what!!!!! i got to play bass drum on thursday night it was hte most exciting thing ever, i loved it. for pep band it was and i got to play hte big one adn the 2end highest one and it was great i had a jolly ole time, i can NOT wait until marching season when i get to try out for bass drum ahhh, oh hte excitment! hehe i want to play timpani for hte percussion concert too! but i don't think i'll get it cuz i hear a lot of people are trying out for it, but i want it the most yes yes i do, i want it bad very bad. oh well, i'll do my best, htat i will. hehe, oh i love drums, oh yes i do. i can't wait til we have another B pep band so i can play bass drum again, cuz i can't play for A cuz i have to play my sax cuz u know thats what i was told to do hehe, oh well, mr a never yelled at my for playing drum, AHH i had fun, my arm isn't even sore, score hey those are almost the same... score, sore, score, sore....hehe well i'm going to go play cribage, and yes i will kick some ass. toodles

::: sam had nothing better to do at 12:46 PM

Wednesday, January 02, 2002 :::
Happy birthday to me monday. buy me a pony!...


::: Nikki had nothing better to do at 8:04 PM

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