Dumb, or Maybe Just Happy?

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Sunday, January 27, 2002 :::
well damn, joe notified me that he reads it, just me and him, screw nikki, yes yes screw her all together
she's being a bitch, adn maybe i was too, but she never called me on it, now i'm calling her on her bitchyness... so nikki, FUCK YOU!!!!
i can't handle dealing with that pointless shit so tell me are you in or out??
oh and no, your out, cuz fuck you i have no chance.... i don't like it when people talk behind my back.... i don't like it at all if your going to say something say it to my face damnit... !
well this was just venting cuz i knwo you won't read this and even if we do, we'll be talking, talking real soon

::: sam had nothing better to do at 2:13 AM

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